I ordered my 2000 Trans Am for several reasons. I was tired of black, and I wanted an LS1 powered car.

It is no secret that the LS1 is a more powerful engine than the LT1 it replaced. The LS1 is a great engine, and makes a lot of power. Most stock LS1 powered F-bodies were dynoing around 300 rwhp stock. These engines are rated at 305 horsepower from the factory, but it was soon discovered they were underrated. They were really making around 340 horsepower straight from GM. I assume they rated the cars so low to keep the Corvette owners thinking they had the most powerful car from GM. Basic intake and exhaust mods were putting LS1ís into the 330 rwhp range. I finally realized that I would have to get inside my WS6ís engine to make that kind of power. I had no desire to do a heads and cam swap. That kind of work is expensive and the results are not guaranteed.

I was also getting sick of taking care of the black paint on my car. Most would agree that my 1997 Trans Am WS6 was one of the cleanest cars around the area. I just got to the point that was tired of spending so much time to make it look perfect. Every scratch, water spot, and speck of dust would show up on that car. It looked incredible when it was clean, but that only lasted a few hours. I wanted a car that I could make look almost as good as the black, with a lot less effort. I picked red.

I placed an order for my 2000 Trans Am through Sewell Pontiac in Dallas. My salesman, Saadallah El-Jundi, handled the deal from start to finish. I ordered the car in December of 1999, and picked it up on March 2, 2000. I sold my 1997 Trans Am WS6 to a man in Virginia.

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